Onelight Theatre

My Own True Love: War

My Own True Love: War

September 2005 |
The Crib

Written by Shahin Sayadi – based on poetry by Clyde A. Wray in Cause Everybody Ain’t a Hero

Directed by Shahin Sayadi

Music/Composition by Dawn Negus

Cast: Keri Riddell, Dawn Negus, Jake Dambergs and Aaron Samuel

Other: Tsuyoshi Turnbull (props design and construction), Jake Dambergs (technical design)

My Own True Love: War represented a bold step for OneLight Theatre, as this multi-media production took the company to a new and exciting artistic level. Based on the poetry of Clyde A. Wray, and adapted for the stage by Artistic Director Shahin Sayadi, a story took shape of a soldier who was coping with the realities of war and its brutal aftermath.

The fight continued in his own home, outside his door, in his neighbourhood and in his mind. A touching and honest portrayal of a normally glorified career, this play captivated audiences with its passion and with its undeniable pain.

“War is a very personal subject for Clyde and me, so this play in some form or another, has been in development for many years between us. I am glad that the work has found its time and place and I believe that OneLight will be exposing a new face with this dramatic work.” — Shahin Sayadi, Artistic Director (2004)