Onelight Theatre

Lady MacPunch

Lady MacPunch

December 2003 |

Written by Shahin Sayadi – adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth and inspired by Eugene Ionesco’s Macbett and the Punch and Judy puppet shows

Directed by Shahin Sayadi
Music/Composition by Dawn Negus

Cast: Dawn Negus, Dustin Harvey, Jeannie Webber and Sherisse O’Leary

Other: Jake Dambergs (technical direction)


Lady MacPunch was an original adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Inspired by Eugene Ionesco’s absurdist Macbett, this energetic production presented Shakespeare’s classic tale in the style of traditional Punch and Judy puppet shows. Lady MacPunch followed the Macbeths’ rise to power and the dire consequences their scheming and treachery had on their marriage. The production included original music and a highly stylized, intricate performance in our own signature style.